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Each brushstroke is just a vein in their heart which rips off to the painting surface.

By - Jamie Hanson

Painters are maniacs, geniuses, weirdoes, what not. They are shaped by an impulse. Each brushstroke is just a vein in their heart which rips off to the painting surface. They might not use brushes for days and they might paint a monumental piece in an hour.

Many mediums interest them. A lot has been talked about Oil paintings and Water Color paintings. Let’s ponder a little over Acrylic paintings; a medium that painters have also duly explored of late. Acrylic paints dry very quickly and can be used with versatility.

Acrylic paints can be used straight from the oils and can also be diluted with water to give them the water color effect. The pigments for acrylic paintings are immersed in an Acrylic polymer solution. Acrylic paints can be used in both high gloss and matt finishes. In the later one, it defines the brusque beauty of faded color. In the former, it simply glitzes through the surface.

Acrylic paintings are non- removable when in a dry form .Even water cannot again dissolve it. Though it is oil and watercolor that has ruled the roost for centuries; Acrylic has finally been lapped up as it is the most versatile medium. It works on many surfaces and replicates their binding techniques.

Acrylic has another beautiful advantage. It can use gels and other pastes to make a thick paint layer. This helps with giving a sculptural tone to portraits and a visual hype to landscapes.

Oil dries in greater time than Acrylic. This can be an advantage but is certainly a distinct loss for artists who are looking for few quick frames. Acrylics can also be made to dry slowly through the use of acrylic retarders.

Getting started on the adventure of acrylic paintings is not a very tough nut to crack. It just needs some discipline. Acrylic paintings dry quickly so it is advisable to take a very small quantity of it at once. What’s the point of losing the film through evaporation?

Also always keep a cloth handy. Wipe the brushes prior to applying or else acrylic drips might cause blotches in the paint. Acrylic paintings are non-resoluble once they dry.

You can also use more acrylic on the existing frame in an uninhibited way. In case you are looking for transparent glazesFree Articles, be sure to use thin layers of paint. Thick layers cause a lot of glossy effect.

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