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Rock supergroup Dreamcar discuss their creation and No Doubt reunion

Rock supergroup Dreamcar explain how the band came together in secret and give an update on a No Doubt reunion. 

The four members of new rock supergroup Dreamcar have been discussing how the band came about and a No Doubt reunion. The band came together in the summer of 2014 when No Doubt's T ony Kanal [bass], Tom Dumont [guitar], and Adrian Y oung [drums] approached former AFI frontman, Davey Havok, to collaborate. They secretly started writing and demoing music together in a rehearsal space in downtown Los Angeles and, three years later , Dreamcar was revealed. Their 80s-infused music, described as "a mixture of shimmering guitar tones, percussive slap bass, bombastic drums and neon-lit dance floor dreaminess," caught the attention of Columbia Records who are releasing the band's self-titled debut album on May 12.