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YouTube or Vimeo, Which Is More Profitable For Content Creators?

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With Vimeo’s video video on demand service, there’s a great avenue for creators that goes beyond the pennies-per-click that they could receive from YouTube. But the question remains, with its limited audience, can Vimeo creators still make more money or do more eyeballs and the promise of crowdfunding options on YouTube equate to making a better living?


“A lot of this funding happens off YouTube. So I've been thinking about how we can do this directly on YouTube, allowing fans to fund the creators that they really love." -?Jehan Ratnatunga, YouTube Product Manager

Recently, YouTube announced that they would be allowing creators to crowdfund within their channel. This is in response to the fact that creators are opting for crowdfunding through portals like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, and others. And those portals are taking up to 9%-15% of the pie in fees, fees that YouTube wants a cut of. And it’s good news, because it will enable YouTube Creators to appeal directly to their audience from their channels, rather than trying to get them to move to a secondary site to hear their pitch for production funding.

Vimeo, by contrast, is engaging in commerce. First, though their evolving Tip Jar, and then thanks to their Vimeo on Demand option, which has given users the ability to sell or rent their videos for streaming. And in its first year, it’s become quite profitable with over 400,000 subscribers paying for streaming video options. And it gives Creators 90% of all fees collected, which has been quite attractive. But how can Vimeo compete against YouTube, which has far more eyeballs and as such, can offer creators a pretty good living, even after just giving them pennies per 1,000 views?

Well, by pouring over $10 million into tools and crowd funding incentives, Vimeo looks to give creators the ability to create a portal the way they want, and offer a way to sell their films and videos, and it includes curating videos around a common theme. And users that can raise over $10,000 in crowdfunding qualify for exposure through Vimeo’s VOD Window.

There are other incentives as well. But with that, is it even fair to compare the two? I don’t think so. They have different audiences. It would be like comparing a Chevy or VW dealer with a Mercedes or Acura dealer. They cater to two different clientele. YouTube is more popular with enthusiasts, young people, and viral sharers, while Vimeo is more for the professional set, and those looking for specific content.

So while you can engage in the thought experiment of figuring out which portal will make you more money, my question is, why do you even have to choose? Do both.

Hat Tip – NMR

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