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Brett Kelley

city: Northampton State: MA Post Date: Mar 28, 2017 Followers: (34)

My Gallery — "Tales of Clockworktropolis, Page 23"

Tales of Clockworktropolis, Page 23

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This is a page from a printed book project I made last year, a Steampunk-themed Coloring Book. This was a fun take on a neo-victorian skateboarder, utilizing elements of a steam engine to create the skate deck and wheels. The book, "Tales of Clockworktropolis" is 55 pages long of original illustrations. Only 150 copies were printed, and there are very few copies left. © 2018 ; Art Style; graphic_novel; Tags: Steampunk, Coloring Book, Illustration, Skateboarding, fun, drawing; Media: digital; Materials: Pen and Ink, Pelikan Tekno-Liner. Original ID: CGvMmHjK0Wtgix7d

Mar 28, 2017


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